Following the Prime Minister’s announcement last night, I’m sorry to say that Leading Petcare will have to close down while we all battle the Coronavirus pandemic.

(Twelve years and eleven months without a day’s absence – I’d just like to say this one doesn’t count!)

I’m sure everyone will understand there is no alternative to this action and that hopefully, if the country as a whole goes along with the instructions, we will be back to some semblance of normality in a few months.

I’d just like to say a huge THANK YOU to all my loyal customers for your support and understanding these past few weeks. This ‘lockdown,’ is going to affect all of us and apart from anything else, I’m going to miss seeing all my wee pals over the next few weeks at least.

Hopefully, I’ll be back with you all in the not too distant future. In the meantime, look after yourselves and your loved ones, and Go Well.

(I don’t do conventional stock expressions like ‘Stay Safe.’)

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Cabriole and Flame.

How cute are these two?!

Little Cabriole (left) is only a few months old and is deaf – or at least, hard of hearing. But he has his older ‘brother,’  Flame to look out for him.

When I recently visited the Oriental Shorthairs for the first time since Cabriole joined the family, he didn’t appear. Both Flame and his elderly ‘sister’ Star were by my side throughout the visit.

I had a look around the house for the wee one, and not appreciating just how bad his hearing was, I repeatedly called his name.

I noticed Flame kept running up and down the stairs, as if to show me where to look, but I could still find no trace of Cabriole. (It transpires he was most likely in his favourite place which is a warm, towel drawer in the airing cupboard.)

On subsequent visits that week, both Flame an Star would appear as I walked into the house. Flame would then briefly disappear – and return a minute or so later with the wee one in tow.

Everyone needs a big brother like Flame!

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The Gang Reunion.

There was much excitement in the fields around Bridge of Weir today as four of the long-standing ‘Lunchtime Gang,’ met up again after many months apart. Sadly, two of the original members, Marley and Jazz, are no longer with us, but Dougal and Cali carried on where they left off and chased around the hill, until old age reigned them in and they decided the offer of a biscuit was a better option.

(Left to right) Misty, Dougal, Bramble, Cali.

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“We were going to put it back, honest …”



Shadow and Ghost decided to have their own foam party today, while their owners were at work.

Or perhaps they’re hinting for a ‘ball pool’ as their first birthday present, next month?

Whatever – they look pretty pleased with their handiwork.


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Meet Jura and Clivey.


It was a big day for Jura, an eight month old collie – the day of her first walk with the Leading Petcare pack. Unfortunately, Roxy, the golden retriever was unwell, so she only had Cali, the black lab for company. But that didn’t appear to diminish the excitement factor in any way.

The weather was pretty miserable too – but since when did a collie let that get in the way of a good time?

Later in afternoon, we welcomed Clivey, a twenty-nine year old timneh parrot who has come on holiday for a few days.

(I better watch what I shout while watching football on the tv this week!)

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“Are you kidding …?”

It wasn’t just me who was not too keen to walk in the howling wind an driving rain. 🙂

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Night Night, Ozzy.

Ozzy - November 2016It was so sad to hear today that my wee pal, Ozzy, had passed away suddenly earlier in the day.

Ozzy (and his ‘brother’ Sam, and later his ‘sister’ Gem) had been walking with me almost since I started Leading Petcare over twelve tears ago. In fact, his first walk was back in January 2008, so twice a week, every week since then, we’ve been scrambling around Gleniffer Braes in Paisley, dodging the cattle and deer.

I make that roughly 1,196 walks! Or five hundred and ninety-eight hours together!

Ozzy was a happy, bouncy dog. He loved chasing balls – he just wasn’t very good at bringing them back! He’d run off into the woods and stash them!



Both wee Gem and Sam had passed away over the past few years, so it’s an end of an era for Leading Petcare, and of course, for his devoted owner.

I’m gonna miss his wee smiley face.

‘Night, pal.

OZZY, SAM & GEM - Sept 2015OZZY & GEM - October 2015

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