Introducing …

Dog walking in the cold, wind and rain of November can be … uncomfortable, I guess.  But this job does have it’s perks to compensate – like spending time with an eight week old puppy.

It will be a few weeks yet before she gets to meet the rest of the pack, but today was her first puppy visit and her excitement was only surpassed by her cuteness!

Everyone – let me introduce you to Luna.

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First walk, new friend.

Roxy, a nine month old retriever took her first walk with Leading Petcare today – and look who she met along the road.

Welcome to the pack, Roxy.





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See you around, Dougs!

I reckon that since I started visiting Dougal as an eight-week-old puppy back in September 2010, we have been on around nine hundred and sixty walks together.

During that time, he’s got up to all sorts of mischief with his many pals, including Marley, Jazz, Molly & Murphy, Harry, Buddy & Jet, Cali, Misty & Bramble and Big Louis and Li’l Louis.

I think these photos from his final walk earlier today, illustrate just why wee ‘Cheeky Chops’ will be missed.

See you around, Dougs!








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Dog walking vacancies!

With two long-term clients (one of eleven years standing, the other, nine) having moved out the area in the past few weeks, Leading Petcare presently has vacancies for dog-walking in the Houston area.

All mature dogs should be socialized, with good recall, though puppies are also welcome.

Please e-mail all enquiries to:

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“Bye Boys!”

Initially, back in September 2007, it was ROCKY & LADY. Then in November 2012, it was HARRY (lab) on his own. Seven months later BUDDY (Japanese Spitz) then a tiny wee ball of fluff  joined the family, and then in January of this year, little JET made it three.

In all, that’s eleven years I’ve been walking the dogs from this particular household.

But today was the last time – HBJ’s ‘human family’ are moving out the area.

However, the good news is that coincidentally, they are moving to a house round the corner from my father.








So, I better make sure I’m carrying my biscuit bag when I visit my ol’man.

See you around, boys! 

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Cousin Louie.

Oscar, Rowan and Bramble have had their cousin Louie stay over with them this past week
(Take a guess which one is Louie!) 

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Room Service.

Breakfast in bed this morning for LEGO & HOLLY.

(Well – Holly, mainly. Lego just woke up to see what the fuss was all about, turned over, and went back to sleep.)





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