WHEN DOVES CRY? Don’t kid yourself!

Collared Dove

For the past few months, I’ve had a pair of woodpigeons who, when I call, come into the garden to be fed.

The male has become very confident, and yesterday mid morning, though I hadn’t called, walked around the garden following me until I fetched his food.

But now there’s a new kid in town!

Forget images of peace-loving birds carrying olive branches. Forget what Prince said about when doves cry.

Watch how wary even the rook appears when it arrives for some breakfast. I can just imagine it whistling casually, thinking “play it cool, my son, play it cool. Don’t attract attention to yourself ….. oooh shiiiit!”



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2 Responses to WHEN DOVES CRY? Don’t kid yourself!

  1. Whoa…little opportunist! 😊

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  2. Little bully, more like! He’s a young one and initially spent about a month on the periphery at feeding time. His mate is not coming down just now, so maybe she is nesting and he has a more urgent need to feed. Whatever – it’s obvious who rules the roost in Houston, Scotland! 😀


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