Lockdown Lookback.

Week #9 of the Coronavirus Lockdown, and the ‘novelty’ is wearing a bit thin. Which is more than can be said about me – despite running and cycling daily, the temptation to snack and eat cakes when I’d normally be working is beginning to take its toll.

What’s been happening these past few months has been truly awful, though, and losing a few weeks work is nothing compared to what thousands of families have been through. Fingers crossed, we’ve now experienced the worst the virus has to throw at us, and that gradually, very gradually, we will return to something almost like ‘normality,’ though exactly what that will look like remains to be seen.

Hopefully all clients and readers have remained healthy, safe and well and that I’ll shortly be able to message out about resumption of dog walks and pet visits for those who still require them.

Right, I’m off for a coffee and empire biscuit  banana while I flick through some of my favourite Leading Petcare photos of the last year or so.



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2 Responses to Lockdown Lookback.

  1. What a handsome group of ‘fur-iends!’ The pandemic has definitely taken its toll on our collective mental health here, too. I’m hopeful that soon I’ll begin to remember what day of the week it is again soon. Seems like everyday is “let’s eat cake” day. 😇 Stay safe and keep smiling.


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