Cabriole and Flame.

How cute are these two?!

Little Cabriole (left) is only a few months old and is deaf – or at least, hard of hearing. But he has his older ‘brother,’  Flame to look out for him.

When I recently visited the Oriental Shorthairs for the first time since Cabriole joined the family, he didn’t appear. Both Flame and his elderly ‘sister’ Star were by my side throughout the visit.

I had a look around the house for the wee one, and not appreciating just how bad his hearing was, I repeatedly called his name.

I noticed Flame kept running up and down the stairs, as if to show me where to look, but I could still find no trace of Cabriole. (It transpires he was most likely in his favourite place which is a warm, towel drawer in the airing cupboard.)

On subsequent visits that week, both Flame an Star would appear as I walked into the house. Flame would then briefly disappear – and return a minute or so later with the wee one in tow.

Everyone needs a big brother like Flame!


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  1. How sweet is that? And those ears!! Love ’em.

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