Last Minute Christmas Gifts

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It’s always the same, isn’t it?

Every August / September, as soon as the summer holidays end, you make a promise to yourself that for once, you’ll be all prepared for Christmas. Yes, it’s still three or four months away, but this year, it’d be nice to have all the cards written and presents bought and wrapped well in advance of the big day.

You imagine a stress-free build up, with plenty time to party. Not for you the nagging pressure of finding suitable gifts for friends and family at a time when the shops are filled with squabbling adults and screaming children. Not for you, the crossed fingers, hoping that those rushed, online purchases arrive before 25th December.

No, no, no. You’ll be relaxing, drinking a smooth red wine or cold beer, somewhere in Smugsville City.

But of course, it never actually happens does it? Life gets in the way.

Dogvine Banner

But fear not, my pet-loving friends. The wonderful Dogvine website has produced a list of sixteen ‘Last Minute Gifts for Dog Lovers.’

Here, you’ll find ideas from stocking fillers to household items. Dog treats to stylish accessories.

(And, of course, ‘DAMP DOGS & RABBIT WEE,’ is featured!)


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