It’s been a quiet week.

Taking a break. And guarding the newly-found rubber ball.

Taking a break. And guarding the newly-found rubber ball.

I suppose we should be grateful for any appearance of the sun, however fleeting, after the weather we’ve been subjected to these past few weeks. Being a dog walker is generally a fun job, but it does become a little wearing, being soaked through on each and every walk.

It’s probably not much better being a dog, either, although they don’t take to blogs to bleat on about it.

But Marley, who features considerably in ‘Damp Dogs & Rabbit Wee,‘ was obviously happy to take advantage of a break in the downpours and pose for a couple of photos.

Marley - sun and cloud

(No – the sunny spell didn’t last long. But then, you’d probably figured that for yourself from the colour of the sky in these pictures.)


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