Somewhere, over the rainbow ….

… I heaved a sigh.Rainbow

I had a pleasant surprise when Sadie, Violet and I walked to the end of this spectacular rainbow today. We, well I, perceived the point at which it touched the ground to be just along the road from where I’d parked the car some fifteen minutes later. Rather conveniently, that was just outside the little toy poodles’ home. And we were headed back there anyway.

The signs were good, then.

Sadie & Violet

Sadie & Violet

Unfortunately, the anticipated pot of gold didn’t materialise, but I did find the cover for my car’s wing mirror – see post: ‘Friday The 13th’ It was lying in the short undergrowth beside the bumpy, pot-holed road. How it had ended up there, and completely unbroken, I’ll never understand.

Anyway, since I’ve been so busy with either tennis or circuit training each night this week, I’d not yet got around to spray-painting the replacement cover which I bought last Friday. Which meant of course that I could return it to the garage and get a full refund of the money I’d paid.

Yes – a pot of gold would have been most welcome. But to an impecunious, tight-arsed, little Scottish dog walker, not having to part with any more money, and indeed getting some back, elicited a similar euphoric reaction.


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