The Lunch Pack

There’s always much excitement amongst the pack when a new member joins.

Brett with the lunch pack.

Brett with the lunch pack.

Yesterday, the ‘early lunch’ brigade welcomed Wren, a three year old, racing rescue greyhound bitch.

What an absolute star!

Thrust into a pack with three, feisty little breeds (two Jack Russells, a Border terrier and a spitz) she admirably kept her cool when the four let their enthusiasm spill over into a bickering squabble.

They soon settled though and the usual greetings ensued.

Harry, the golden labrador and seemingly self-appointed pack leader played it cool though. He’s a ‘ladies man,’ is Harry. He remained distinctly aloof from the short-lived bout of petty altercation.

But at the Point of Scheduled Return (p.74, ‘Damp Dogs & Rabbit Wee’) he made his play.  Several times.

Poor Wren. It was never like this back on the track.

To her credit, she remained completely calm. I was kind of hoping she’d warn him off with a swift nip. But no – she just gave him the kind of withering look that any lovelorn human teenager will experience at least once in their life.

Harry eventually got the message and we walked back to the car with a four-dog buffer between the two.

You’ve got to hand it to Harry though. The pack has always been predominately male, with Molly, the older of the two Jack Russells, the only female.

But then, what self-respecting labrador would stoop so low?


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