Meet Jura and Clivey.


It was a big day for Jura, an eight month old collie – the day of her first walk with the Leading Petcare pack. Unfortunately, Roxy, the golden retriever was unwell, so she only had Cali, the black lab for company. But that didn’t appear to diminish the excitement factor in any way.

The weather was pretty miserable too – but since when did a collie let that get in the way of a good time?

Later in afternoon, we welcomed Clivey, a twenty-nine year old timneh parrot who has come on holiday for a few days.

(I better watch what I shout while watching football on the tv this week!)


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2 Responses to Meet Jura and Clivey.

  1. Jura is one great looking newbie! And who can go wrong with a parrot buddy?

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  2. Loud Horizon says:

    Thanks Monika. Yeah, she sure is. Cheeky wee thing, too. 🙂
    Clivey the timneh likes to chat. A lot! 😀

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