Night Night wee Roxy.

Wee ‘shakybum’ Roxy with Ted.

Roxy the Schnauzer was my wee pal. She was the first dog (well, with her late ‘sister’ Cassie) that I walked when I set up Leading Petcare over ten years ago.

She had been unwell a few months ago, but rallied well after treatment. Recently, she was back to her kindly, and perky best, her whole hind quarters wagging throughout our walks with her young ‘brother’ Ted.

Sadly though, last week, after a short recurrence of her illness, Roxy had to go to sleep.

I walked Ted on his own last week – it was sad to see how he evidently missed his big ‘sister.’

He’s not the only one.



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3 Responses to Night Night wee Roxy.

  1. So sorry for your loss. They never stay on this earth long enough. I hope tender memories provide you with a small measure of comfort. 💔

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  2. It’s sad. But after 10 years+ of walking other people’s dogs,you get used to it in the same way a vet does, I guess. Roxy was was the last of the original batch of dogs I walked. She did well. 😦 but also 🙂


  3. We’re sorry to hear about Roxy. Purrs….

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