Things You See Whilst Dog-walking: #1

Sumo wrestling bulls in rural Renfrewshire, Scotland:

(The black bull won, when after about ten minutes of shove and counter-shove, it pushed the white one into the hedge. The youngsters gathered around the victor in obvious celebration, while the vanquished acted as if it really didn’t care, casually walking off whilst whistling to himself,  to stand alone in the centre of the field.)




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2 Responses to Things You See Whilst Dog-walking: #1

  1. Reblogged this on Cee Tee Jackson and commented:

    Nothing to do with my writing – just a film I took for my Leading Petcare blog the other day,, whilst on my dog-walking rounds.

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  2. LOL Sumo-wrestling! 😇 Love how the little ones try to get in the thick of things.

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